U16 and U19 Silver Lake




Dear Parents and Players,

We are opening our registration for the spring high school soccer season.

We have recently been informed that no pooling requests will be entertained until the registration period is over and closer to the start of the spring season.  We want to you be aware that once again we may not be able to pool as Silver Lake.

You can register online.

Contact PYSA at plymptonsoccer@yahoo.com with any questions

Can I play MAPLE soccer and town soccer?
Yes, players will now be allow to dual roster.

What day of the week do the high school teams play?
All games, unless make up games, will be played on Sundays

When will the practices be and are they mandatory?
Practice times will be determined by each coach. We all realize high school kids are very busy with homework, spring HS sports and jobs.  Coaches try to accommodate the majority of their teams.  Although practices are not mandatory we ask all kids to make every attempt to attend.

How long is the season?
The season will most likely begin after April 1.  Each team will play 10 games with the possibility (based on the team record) of attending the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions in June.