FALL 2016

Head Coach: TBA
Practices:  TBA

All U6 coaches have been CORI-checked and have children in the U6 program. 
Feel free to contact any coach with questions or comments.

Important Dates
Practices are TBA.  Unlike the older soccer divisions, we will not have games, but will scrimmage the last few minutes of each practice.

Inclement Weather 
Coaches will call or email you as soon as a decision to cancel is made.

To Bring to Practice
Wear your uniform and shin guards, and bring a labeled water bottle. 
It is recommended to be sprayed with mosquito repellent and wear sunscreen.  
Cleats are optional.

Coaching Philosophy
Since the purpose of instructional U6 soccer is for the kids to learn and have fun, there will be no official games. The practices will be conducted through a series of drills, which will include a scrimmage. The score will not be kept. There will be FREQUENT water breaks.

Skill Priorities
Consistent with the MYSA Statewide U6 curriculum, we attempt to teach players to dribble with all sides of feet, dribble out of trouble, dribble past someone and soft first touch.

Parents’ Involvement Encouraged
Parents are encouraged to help with the team during practice.
It would be helpful to have parents assisting during the drills, and during the scrimmage. 
No experience necessary, and you simply follow the coaches’ leads to help the children.
It’s a lot of fun to see the action close up.

Plympton Sports Website
Keep up to date on schedules, cancellations, fundraisers, etc. at www.plymptonsoccer.com
We will do our best to keep all information current and up to date throughout the season!